GiantKelp is a consulting partnership that helps solve business problems using effective technology. Our primary focus is on the effective and efficient use of AI within business processes.

We work with businesses from multiple industries that appreciate the massive opportunities that are available today. Our mission is to help companies navigate the opportunities and risks in the rapidly evolving AI space.

“Seventy-nine percent of corporate strategists said that technologies such as analytics, artificial intelligence (AI) and automation will be critical to their success over the next two years, according to a survey by Gartner, Inc.”

We believe generative AI tools can bring meaningful change to almost all industries by streamlining knowledge work — enabling humans to be more creative, effective and productive.

We don’t develop our own “apps” or sell our products to clients. We exist to enable our clients to develop their own AI strategies and assist them along that journey.

We're based in the United Kingdom, but our clients are global and we are interested in speaking to anyone, anywhere that has an interest in AI strategy.

How we work

How AI can impact your business?

We hold short immersive sessions for leadership teams and innovation champions to understand the AI landscape, identify where AI can be leveraged to drive business results, and establish a baseline of AI competence in your organisation.

AI Product Strategy

Our team can help prototype and build tools on top of generative AI tools such as GPT-4, Claude, or Stable Diffusion. Our process will help create early stage prototypes for validation with your audience, which can then be developed to meet consumer or enterprise scale.

We can provide product documentation, roadmaps and even manage external development teams to take your prototype through to production.