Date: Thursday, October 12, 2023

Time: 12pm UK time

Duration: 45 mins

Location: Online

Price: Free!

Who should attend: Senior leaders from mid-large companies looking to drive AI adoption in their business

Tired of the hype around AI? Ready to leverage it to create real, measurable value for your business?

Join us for an insightful webinar focused on practical strategies to implement AI in a way that:

✅ Boosts productivity by improving workflows and processes

✅ Reduces costs through optimisation and automation

✅ Helps grow your business by enhancing offerings and experiences

You'll hear real-world examples of companies using AI to improve their business, and get actionable takeaways you can apply immediately.

We'll also cover:

✅ How to get buy-in from colleagues and educate your team on AI

✅ A simple framework to identify and prioritize high-impact AI opportunities

✅ Answers to common concerns like AI's impact on jobs and risks

Plus, you'll get access to our famous "How to Talk About AI" swipe file - our constantly updated document covering objections and approaches for discussing AI with your colleagues

This isn't about hype or theoretical possibilities. It's about tangible strategies to tap into AI's immense potential.

Don't let the hype hold you back. Sign up now to unlock the real value of AI for your business.