Communicating your AI strategy with your team: Questions + Template.

Strong leadership is needed to make AI initiatives work. Here’s a list of questions to consider.

The rise of AI presents opportunities and challenges for all kinds of companies.

As one of your key roles as a leader, is to thoughtfully guide your team through this transition.

By openly addressing concerns, providing proper training, and casting a vision for integrating AI, you can rally your staff and unlock the full potential that the new technologies provide.

Given the rapid rate of change and wider unknowns about the impact of AI, the path forward can seem unclear — change comes with risks and opportunities alike.

Based on interviews with numerous companies, we’ve seen that taking a collaborative approach with your team can help set you up for success. As part of this it’s crucial to crucial to understand and address your team’s perspectives and concerns.

As a starting point, here are some common questions staff may have regarding the use of AI in our business. We’ve also included a sample email to help kickstart an open dialogue on this topic.

By communicating and developing solutions as a united front, you can expect a more smooth integration of AI that benefits your people, customers, and company mission.

Common concerns from staff about AI

When thinking about communicating with your team, here’s a list of common areas you may need to address.

Job Security:

  • Will AI replace my job or reduce the number of positions available?
  • How will my job role change with the integration of AI?

Training and Skill Development:

  • Will the company provide training on how to use and interact with AI systems?
  • How can I upskill to stay relevant in an AI-augmented workplace?

Usage and Implementation:

  • How will AI be used in our daily operations?
  • Who will be responsible for managing and maintaining the AI systems?

Data Privacy and Ethics:

  • How will the company ensure the ethical use of AI?
  • What measures will be taken to protect our data and the data of our clients?

Performance Metrics:

  • How will AI impact our performance metrics and targets?
  • How will success be measured and evaluated with the integration of AI?

Company Vision:

  • How does AI align with the long-term vision and goals of the company?
  • How will AI keep us competitive in the market?

Innovation and Creativity:

  • Will there be space for human creativity and innovation with the increased reliance on AI?
  • How can team members contribute ideas for leveraging AI?

Resource Allocation:

  • What is the financial implication of integrating AI, and how will resources be allocated?
  • Will there be a dedicated team or department for AI implementation and oversight?


  • What is the timeline for AI integration?
  • How will the transition to an AI-augmented workplace be managed to ensure smooth operations?

Addressing Feedback and Concerns:

  • How can team members provide feedback or voice concerns regarding AI integration?
  • What channels will be available for ongoing discussion and feedback as AI is integrated?

As a bonus, here’s a sample email to use as inspiration as you set the scene in your company:

Team comms – email template

Dear Team,

I’m sure we’ve all seen the wave of hype around AI in recent months. As with any new technology, there is understandable excitement but also risks if not thoughtfully implemented. I’m optimistic about AI’s potential impact if we approach it in the right way – with care, intention and wisdom.

This journey is about more than just business outcomes. It’s about how AI may shape our professional and personal lives. I want our whole team to be part of understanding if the hype is justified, where AI can truly make a difference, and how we want to responsibly steer this in our organisation and community.

A core reason we started [Company Name] was to do creative, strategic and meaningful work. But drudgery and admin tasks often eat up that precious time. With AI, perhaps we think we can automate the busywork so you have space to focus on contributions only humans can uniquely provide – ideas that inspire, innovations that matter, work that makes a difference. My hope is AI will free up more of your time for what you’re truly passionate about.

As we explore AI, I want to tap into all of our collective knowledge. If you’ve been thinking about or using AI, please consider leading trainings, creating repos, and otherwise guiding our AI education. Importantly, this is about building skills to help us all thrive professionally and in our personal lives. If you’re eager to share your insights, let me know.

Your ideas are crucial for identifying where AI can make the biggest difference in our specific context. How could it solve nagging challenges? Where might it open new strategic opportunities? I want to have candid discussions on potential high-impact AI applications. My door is always open to explore how AI could shape our future – both addressing immediate tactical needs and defining our long-term vision.

This will be an ongoing journey of mutual discovery. Please provide feedback privately or publicly, via email or in-person, so we can navigate AI’s implications together – for our business, our roles, and our lives. I value open and honest dialogue as we determine where and how to thoughtfully adopt AI in our organisation and community.

I’m filled with optimism about exploring AI the right way – together. Let’s build our knowledge, have thoughtful discussions, and unlock the promise in a measured, meaningful and very human way.


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Al Cattell
Al Cattell