Simplifying AI adoption

Why we’re here.

The emergence of generative AI will change the way we produce, consume and understand information. This will have a profound impact on intellectual work, professional services and knowledge based roles in all companies.

Our mission is to help companies embrace the opportunity AI provides. We believe the only way to do this is to get hands-on with AI, to test and validate it’s impact, and to understand first hand the implication for your business.

Everything we do is aimed at reducing the cost, risk, time and complexity of AI adoption.

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Our team

Alister Cattell


Al is a seasoned digital strategist with extensive experience across industries helping leading companies like NEOM, Rolls Royce, and Virgin harness transformative technologies. He specialises in streamlining complex business processes through practical AI implementation focused on operational efficiency. Alister is dedicated to guiding organisations to not only adopt AI but maximise its benefits across their business.

Richard Johnson

Commercial and Strategy

Rich is an experienced business consultant with over 18 years helping leading organisations solve challenges and achieve goals with technology and best practices. His consultancy is delivered through a no-nonsense, considered approach focused on blending understanding of human needs with optimal technical resources. In addition to his professional work, Rich contributes to the Salvation Army UK’s Anti-trafficking and Modern Slavery team aiding survivors of human trafficking.

Rebecca Meldrum


Rebecca is an innovative entrepreneur and engineer who brings deep experience in aerospace, sustainability, and building AI-driven solutions from the ground up – including ChatGamer, a GPT-powered tool gaining popularity in gaming. Her journey spanning complex sectors has made her highly versatile and proficient at supporting net-zero strategies and adopting cutting edge technologies like generative AI. Rebecca pairs engineering prowess with passion for transformative tech, making her an invaluable asset as both strategist and hands-on developer for organisations progressing into the AI age.

Douglas Brierley

Solutions Consultant

Douglas brings a powerful blend of analytical thinking and entrepreneurial drive cultivated through his engineering studies at Oxford and varied professional experiences at organisations like ARUP. His adaptable skillset encompasses software development, machine learning, leadership, and project management – including his final year project applying AI to predict tidal currents. Beyond his academic and professional accomplishments, Douglas demonstrates dynamism through wide-ranging interests from ballet dancing to sailing and football.


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