Our partners have a large amount of commercial experience in technology consulting and business process development.

Al Cattell

Alister has a strong track record of helping companies harness the potential of transformative technologies. With extensive experience working alongside innovative companies such as NEOM, Rolls-Royce, Apollo Tyres, AxiCom, Plume, Virgin Media, AstraZeneca, Bentley, and JCB, Alister possesses a deep understanding of how AI can reshape businesses.

His work has spanned a wide spectrum of industries and sectors, enabling him to develop a unique perspective on the diverse applications of AI.

Alister's expertise extends beyond AI strategy to encompass the practical implementation of AI solutions. He specialises in automating complex business processes, leveraging AI to streamline operations and drive efficiency.

With a clear vision of AI's potential, Alister is dedicated to helping organisations embrace and maximise the benefits of artificial intelligence. His multidisciplinary expertise spans strategy development, implementation, and ongoing optimisation, making him an indispensable partner for companies seeking to thrive in an AI-driven future.

Rich Johnson

Rich has over 18 years commercial experience within multiple industries.

His work has helped organisations such Oxford University, Boots, Royal College of Nursing, NHS and many others, to solve challenges using best practices and innovative technology.

Rich’s focus is on understanding the human side of businesses and applying the correct technical resources to achieve the desired goals.

His consultancy is delivered with a no-nonsense, considered and trusted approach.

Aside from advising clients, Rich is part of the Anti-trafficking and Modern Slavery team of the Salvation Army UK. Helping survivors of human trafficking and modern slavery within the UK.

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