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Prototypes and products.

Our mission is to reduce the time, cost and complexity for companies to adopt AI.

We believe the only way to understand the scope and potential for AI to transform your business is to start using AI tools. Because AI tools are new, imperfect, and evolving quickly, it is critical to adopt a flexible, agile approach to solution development.

We build in rapid, solution focused sprints. We can deliver solutions in as little as 2 weeks, to help you gain traction in the business and start to build a deep understanding of the impact of AI.

Our team brings a unique blend of business and technical capabilities, which we combine with our own set of highly capable AI agents, to accelerate roll-out and reduce cost.

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Project spotlight

R&D Tax Credits – Technical Report drafting

2023, R&D Tax Consultancy, UK
Impact: Reduced time to 1st draft of technical report by 99%

An advanced AI solution tailored to the unique knowledge, expertise, and processes of the client.

The solution is capable of rapidly drafting comprehensive reports across a wide array of subject areas, significantly reducing the time and effort traditionally required in this process. One of the key features is its ability to learn and improve with each use. This ensures that the tool becomes more efficient and accurate over time, continually adapting to the evolving needs and challenges of R&D tax consultation.

The solution is more than just a tool; it’s a smart assistant that enhances the productivity and capabilities of tax consultants. It’s designed to make the complex task of producing technical reports more accessible, affordable, and customised to the unique requirements of each client.

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Knowledge Hub automation

2023, M&A advisory, UK
Impact: 100% of time spent acquiring data is now channelled to deeper assessment and insight

Market intelligence that transforms every aspect of the business – from pitches to service delivery.

The Knowledge Hub project transforms a previously manual and inefficient system into an automated, efficient, and up-to-date resource. The project was born out of the need to stay abreast of market trends, a task that was not being fulfilled by the old spreadsheet system.

The new Hub automates the collection, summarisation, categorisation, and assessment of relevant information. This ensures that the team has instant access to pertinent data, enabling them to stay ahead of market trends and make informed decisions.

The Knowledge Hub is not just a tool, it’s a revolution in information management, making market intelligence accessible and manageable for the team.

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2023, Digital Agency (GiantKelp), UK
Impact: 70% reduction in content writing time; 50% reduction in associated costs.

Content marketing AI for small, medium and large organisations. Automates the entire marketing workflow, from ideation to creation.

ContentPro is your ai-assistant powering B2B content marketing. The product solves the consistency challenge faced by all marketing teams and business leaders – how to reliably produce blog and social content several times a week, every week of the year.

A unique, automated, end-to-end marketing solution, ContentPro builds from company and audience analysis, highlighting key topics that will resonate with your audience. Train on company and team member writing styles; bring your own content ideas; re-use existing assets; scale your marketing reach whilst reducing your spend.

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2023, ESG Consultancy, Switzerland
Impact: Improved efficiency in meeting ESG compliance, reducing the time spent on regulatory standards research and interrogation by 60%.

ChatScienceBasedTargets revolutionises how sustainability professionals interact with complex ESG standards.

Utilising advanced AI, ChatSBT simplifies navigating through the extensive GHG Protocol and SBTi documentation, making compliance more accessible and less time-consuming.

Designed with a focus on user-friendliness, this tool brings the power of AI to your fingertips. Whether it’s clarifying guidelines or tailoring sustainability strategies, ChatScienceBasedTargets offers insightful, specific answers to a wide range of ESG queries. It’s like having a sustainability expert in your pocket, available 24/7.

This tool is particularly beneficial for SMEs grappling with Scope 1 and 2 emissions challenges. Its evolving database also addresses circular economy aspects, aligning with the dynamic nature of ESG goals. ChatScienceBasedTargets is not just a tool; it’s a partner in your sustainability journey, making ESG compliance affordable and accessible to all.

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Our Services

AI Automation

Transform your existing knowledge and expertise into automated workflows using AI. Our AI automation offering is an agile, sprint based approach focused on producing tangible, testable AI tools in short time frames.

Strategic Consulting

Successful AI adoption starts at the top. Our team can help you set the agenda for AI in your business

Find out more about our Fractional AI Leadership

Synthetic Data

Data privacy and availability can prevent movement Where clients need to build or validate workflows without exposing sensitive data, our team can create synthetic data tailored to your use case.

LLM Selection

As the technology options grow, understanding your options for AI partners is critical. We specialise in benchmarking commercial and open source models to de-risk the adoption of solutions from specific vendors

Our AI Agents

To assist our clients and our own AI-first approach, we have created a set of highly capable AI agents to support rapid solution development.

We currently have three solutions available for clients, with more in the pipeline. Feel free to get in touch to learn more about some of our labs projects.

Your expertise x GiantKelp AI agents

AI won’t take your job. People using AI will. The true opportunity is to leverage your existing skills and knowledge to operate faster, smarter, leaner and better than your competition. Our agents are designed to be trained on your data, processes and systems, to truly accelerate your adoption of AI and ensure you outpace the competition.

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