The biggest challenge to digital transformation is the ability to execute.

About GiantKelp.

GiantKelp work with digital leaders who are frustrated with the lack of progress in achieving their goals.

Our services and products accelerate digital change:

- connect, collect and contextualise IoT data
- develop stable, modern software
- establish secure, scalable cloud infrastructure
- design human-centric interfaces
- automate business processes
Our approach is simple: deliver value early and often.

We operate small, agile, integrated teams to deliver incremental progress against your large scale ambitions.

The combination of rapid delivery and knowledge sharing is truly transformative to the companies we work with. It accelerates short term results and supercharges long term growth.

our services

Specialist skills to extend your core team

We combine startup agility, commercial thinking and deep technical knowledge in the way we work, the way we think and the way we deliver projects.

Our teams are inter-disciplinary and outcome driven. We deliver functioning software, beautiful interfaces and stable APIs in weeks, not months.
Software development
End-to-end development using a modern, flexible tech stack
Support as you scale solutions across thousands of edge devices
Experience Design
Human centric interfaces for data and applications
Data infrastructure support and monitoring
our Products

Foundational tools to power your future operations

Work with existing infrastructure using a modular, open set of components that deliver secure, scalable, cloud-native solutions at speed.

Stream real-time data, combine with event data, normalise it and make available to the rest of your organisation to build on.
Cloud MES
From raw materials to production reporting, our cloud MES provides modular components to quickly deploy into existing operations.
Featured Client

Apollo Tyres

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Working with GiantKelp, we quickly proved results to plant managers.

It built momentum for our digital future that everyone bought into.

Chief digital officer
Apollo Tyres

The Future of Manufacturing Manifesto

The most successful manufacturers of the future will be data-driven.

Being data-driven means evolving your infrastructure with the full possibilities of the modern digital supply chain in mind.

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Build the future of manufacturing with us.

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