Super Excited to Share a Sneak Peek of Our AI-Powered Content Marketing Tool - LumAIry

We are thrilled to give you a behind-the-scenes look at the prototype of LumAIry, our first AI marketing application! You can access the demo version here.

High quality content suggestions from a simple start

The idea for LumAIry stemmed from two key insights:

  1. While AI has the potential to drive great results, you need to know how to prompt the AI tools effectively. We wanted to explore if it is possible to start with a basic prompt and have an AI system fill in all the gaps to achieve the optimal outcome.
  2. What is the best way to implement AI in an organization? Is it teaching every team member to use a general AI tool like ChatGPT? Or is it smarter to build AI-based apps tailored to specific business workflows which the team can leverage? We believe the latter approach is superior.

As this is a demo version, LumAIry is pared down from what the final product could be.

The main reasons for this are to improve the user experience and reduce the time required for the content to load.

In this prototype, LumAIry is designed to generate two blog posts per week for two weeks. Earlier versions produced much longer output but the delay in response made the system relatively unusable as a web app. We've also launched with GPT-3.5 purely to keep speed on response down.

You can understand why streaming responses are effective in Chatbots, as it keeps the user aware that the AI is still responding.

You can adjust the company description in the prompt, but the personas are currently hard-coded. We intend to add a lot more depth and detail to the personas, as they are critical in providing direction to the AI for defining a content strategy.

This is a public demo of a proof of concept for LumAIry. The goal is to showcase our "chain of reasoning" approach to developing a content strategy and content calendar.

While you may spend hours crafting the perfect prompt to optimise this, the key is the chain of logic that LumAIry follows:

  1. It takes a basic company description as input
  2. It expands on the description to develop it further
  3. It applies a template to define personas based on the expanded description
  4. It creates a series of blog posts based on the personas and company description
The workflow under the hood.

The application of this approach is tremendously valuable for businesses.

Companies can either choose to train their teams to use AI prompts, understanding all the nuances, or they can pre-build their workflow and provide simple instructions to the team to execute.

The latter option allows for optimisation over time. A more open-ended prompt and learn approach will likely struggle to scale or be consistent, especially for predictable, repeatable workflows.

LumAIry will continue to evolve behind the scenes into an AI-first content marketing agency. We hope this provides a glimpse into what we are building!

There is also an internal version of LumAIry built on Langchain, an exciting tool to watch. But that will not translate into a web app experience just yet. Reach out if you want to try it!

Stay tuned for updates on the progress of LumAIry! We look forward to continuing to push the boundaries of how AI can transform content marketing.

Reach out if you want to discuss! 🙌

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